Wednesday, August 19, 2009



for the "Species on the Verge" video was digitally composed using Garageband by Jaimerobert Johnson.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

resource management

Lino print by Christine that was given to me in the early conceptual days of the fashionRIP

Thanks to Nathan and the Fremont Abbey Art Center that allowed us to shoot in their Great Hall. I am working out a trade as a volunteer and will do a workshop later on....sewing or how to start an idea and allow the path to unfold as you go? So non linear m'dears!

Point is: the Art Center is taking a stand for the future of local art ie sustainability in action.

Thanks to SCAN and NSCC for lights and cameras and students. Both are local resources that addto community strength and it is our job to make sure we can help them optimize that aspect.


Barney Pearson as the master of ceremonies for the species on the verge of extinction funeral and Madeline V. as the reality check ...the bearer of the price we pay for our "lifestyles" and to remind us that it is her future at stake.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

jackson and chewy

The tweeners (the go-betweens the human and other species). These dogs seemed to understand their parts, wore their ruffs and for the most part were dignified and well mannered ( okay Jackson was always refined, Chewy was a bit obstinate but then she is a li'l pug after all!).
A special thanks to Linda and Bruno for their animal friends and the treats, pats and patience they doled out.

Jackson aka
Paris' Blue Moon of Windley- AKA








and me again....

sharon, cheryl, aezja, bruno, linda

showed up and provided support with a hands on go getter spirit. Holding lights, setting up equipment, arranging the set, as well as facilitating last minute changes; they all added the atmospheric energy for a full prism experience. Talented, patient and giving people that gave this shoot the magic and helped hold me together.

jody caterer and more

JoAnne Bergman provided the human fuel at the shoot. Prior to that she was a sourcer of materials, a builder of faith, an infrastructure maintenance engineer.....she's a mom! She's my mom and there are not enough words to cover her profile adequately; so i won't try!

nathan stills 3

Nathan Munson wields a very nice SLR . With a great eye and a wanderer's perspective, he took shots that were unexpected delights. The crows nest viewpoint shots on the fashionRIP blog are his!

mark camera 3

Mark Walker is a right hand man. Great with a camera and yet willing to set it down and use muscle power when asked. A Renaissance man and we couldn't have done the RIP without him.

cathy directs

Cathy Walker Director
also lights maven, set and general idea woman of versatile surprise.
Cathy aka AllysArdin was a party to the growth off the fashionRIP Project...she had the gear to allow me to dream in video.

bridgett on camera 2

Bridgett Barker was on video camera 2. Bridgett is producing a and editing a back story promo version of the fashionRIP video shoot for portfolio and YouTube distribution. In standard terms the woman is an Assistant RIP, she is an organizing, detail wizard as well!

Friday, January 30, 2009

renee photo

fashionRIP video still of Madeline

studio photo of Madeline holding the Sumatran tiger portrait
(with fairies)

Renee Vasquez
stills, make-up and hair
the woman handles hair and makeup brushes better than a mic (ask her!) With doves and forsythia branches she transformed us all.
My very good friend and great ally in the RIP Project

Sunday, January 25, 2009

the fashionRIP Experiment

deborah barnes
concept originator, producer, director, editor, recycouture designer and sewer, illustrator, marketing head
writer, facilitator and nurturer of the fashionRIP Project....etc.

The RIP Project now needs its own support blogs, wow! i didn't see that one coming!

New ideas have no facts and figures therefore funding is difficult because so many financial folk deal with the numbers. So one either speculates (makes up) based on something similar or one is attached to wealth and can self finance or one has an idea, faith in the universe and higher physics and the nerve to believe that the over consciousness (J.Campbell) is evolution prone and will prevail despite the denial of the majority as that majority is shrinking fast....

When i started my interest in sustainable fashion during the 90's, it was just a glimmer, a spark noticed when viewing warehouses from the bus window. I thought about all that stuff in those warehouses and wondered what would happen if no one produced or bought anything except the necessities for a year. Would we even miss it?

i knew then that i did not want to be part of that system and vowed to do only custom and one of a kind garments. However, that was against a riptide and no amount of appreciative clients and work hours could keep me afloat without an influx of funds to provide a better location and presentation aka "price according to expectations!" I surfaced and went back to school.

What is a plus for the global ecosystem is a minus in our old economic agenda. It is time to let go of that plan as the rules of business need to align with the best side of our human natures. It isn't a game, nor a grow up! and that has not a thing to do with the number of years since birth.

Today we are finding out more and realizing that change is eminent either by proactive involvement or by choosing denial and some really ugly consequences as "We can and we must do better than this" Dr Suess.